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Thug brothers arrested after serious assault against taxi driver and men who intervened
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Thug brothers arrested after serious assault against taxi driver and men who intervened

Liverpool, England — Two men sustained broken bones and missing teeth after confronting drunken brothers who were battering a taxi driver, police said.

The driver, Sheekh Hassan, had already received his next job when the siblings got in Mr. Hassan’s vehicle, which led to a “disagreement”.

Nikesh McHugh, together with his brother Jon Wright and sister Dilesha McHugh, claimed that the driver then made an “inappropriate comment” to his sister.

CCTV footage showed Mr. McHugh chasing down Mr. Hassan near Liverpool city centre. When the enraged brother caught up, he punched the driver and pulled down his trousers.

It just so happened that Sam Higham, his wife Rebecca and friend Liam Moran were near the place and happened to see the assault. Concerned, they all shouted at Mr. McHugh to stop.

Mr. Wright then headed over the road and shoved Mr. Moran. However, he pushed him back, sending him tumbling over a car bonnet.

Furthermore, the footage revealed that Mr. McHugh then ran across the street and repeatedly hit Mr. Higham. Subsequently, Mr. Higham fell to the ground unconscious.

Medical examinations showed that Mr. Higham suffered a fractured skull, with bruising of the brain, and a broken left cheekbone. However, he has made a full recovery.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wright got back to his feet and punched Mr. Moran, knocking out five of his teeth and left him unconscious.

When the cops came, Mr. Wright allegedly fought against the police. He lashed out at an officer while on the ground, and later spat at police. Jon Wright admitted assault causing actual bodily harm and affray. He also had 29 previous convictions for 50 offenses include assaults causing actual bodily harm on two occasions. Mr. Wright has been jailed for 18 months for violent disorder in 2004 and was spared jail in 2018 for a domestic-violence related battery.

Moreover, Ms. McHugh, 19, who pushed Mrs. Higham over, admitted common assault and received a conditional discharge. 

As it turns out, Mr. Nikesh McHugh, 25, is a convicted heroin dealer and admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm and affray. Furthermore, he has four previous convictions for six offenses and was locked up for six months in 2011 for violent disorder.

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