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Teenager hijacks taxi, uses phone cable to strangle the driver (Dublin, Ireland)
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Teenager hijacks taxi, uses phone cable to strangle the driver (Dublin, Ireland)

Dublin, Ireland — A 59-year-old taxi driver allegedly was strangled by a phone cable during a terrifying taxi hijacking at Rutland Grove, Crumlin. Police say the suspect is a 17-year old boy.

According to reports, the driver received several blows, was dragged from his car and strangled. Subsequently, he sustained serious head and facial injuries. He was taken to St James’s Hospital by ambulance for treatment.

The teenage boy appeared before Judge Brendan Toale at the Dublin Children’s Court for a preliminary hearing to decide his trial venue.

The court charged the suspect with assault causing harm to the driver, criminal damage, unlawful seizure of his car, and robbery of €50.

Furthermore, Garda Gary Cleary said the taxi man collected two males and two females and drove them to Rutland Grove.

During the trip, a teenage defendant in the front passenger seat “punched the driver a number of times”.

Another passenger used a suspected phone charger cable and attempted to strangle the driver from behind.

The taxi driver was repeatedly beaten up and “dragged” out of the car. The 59-year-old man was heavily bleeding and stayed at the hospital for 3 days.

Internal camera in the car captured the entire incident on video.

Moreover, the teenager apparently spent two periods in secure care units because he was a danger to himself and others. His mother had addiction problems and he was “at the highest end of vulnerability”.

His solicitor Michelle Finan said the youth had taken drugs at the time of the incident and intended to plead guilty.

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