A truck tanker caught fire on I-55 that ignited a taxi. July 14, 2019. Twitter user @kayteabeee

Chicago, USA — Around 1:20am Sunday, a tank-trailer carrying 1,400 gallons of diesel crashed on the Stevenson. The incident caused flaming fuel spreading across the interstate on the Southwest Side, which ignited a nearby taxi.

According to reports, the truck was heading northbound on I-55 when it hit the concrete barrier wall.

Subsequently, the truck exploded and ejected the driver from the vehicle. First responders of the scene pronounced the driver dead on the scene.

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After the truck came to a rest, it turns out that the vehicle was hanging partially on the edge of a bridge. The fuel caught fire across the interstate and ignited a nearby taxi.

According to police, the taxi driver made it out safely. However, he was still taken to McNeal Hospital in Berwyn after experiencing chest pain.

Chicago firefighters responded to the scene and extinguished the fire, only to reignite and had to be put out again.

Furthermore, state inspectors investigated the bridge and did not find any structural issues. Inbound lanes of the Stevenson were closed for hours as crews cleared the scene, but were reopened as of 4:20 p.m. Sunday.

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