Taxi driver shot by passenger over fare dispute, police says


Houston, Texas — A Yellow Cab driver was immediately taken to the hospital early Tuesday after police said he was shot by a passenger.

The taxi driver reportedly picked up the suspect from Club Creek Drive and drove him to an apartment complex near Beechnut Street of South Kirkwood Road.


Once they arrived at the destination, the suspect started to argue about the trip’s fare.

After a while, the passenger got out of the vehicle and open fires to the driver inside the cab.

Fortunately, the taxi driver only sustained a gunshot wound to the leg and is expected to live.

This is the second reported incident of Yellow Cab drivers getting shot in under 30 days.

Cab driver Micael Ubani was shot on April 29 by 19-year old passenger Jiterion Kegler. He fired multiple rounds to the driver to which he sustained a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Micael was immediately taken to the hospital but eventually passed away.

The suspect currently remains unidentified and investigators are still working to find more details regarding the incident.

If you have further information about the gunman, please call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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