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Taxi driver killed in Darwin mass shooting during meal break
Taxi drivers killed

Taxi driver killed in Darwin mass shooting during meal break

Darwin, Australia — In a recent mass shooting in Darwin, police officials identifies Hassan Baydoun, a local taxi driver, as one of the victims.

The taxi driver was on his meal break when he was tragically killed by a gunman on a spree through Darwin’s inner city. The rampage also took the lives of three other men and injured one woman.

Mr. Baydoun had been working as a long-time employee of the Blue Taxi Company. And his untimely death was a huge loss to the company.

“Last night in a terrible unprecedented mass shooting, never before seen in our home town, Blue Taxis lost one of their long-term beloved drivers.

“Our company is heartbroken and his colleagues are in a state of shock.

“This is not what our city stands for. Someone shot having a meal break while going about their own business.

“We pray that we never have to witness anything like this ever again.

“We mourn him and honor him. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.”

The taxi driver’s cousin, Abdallah Salman said that he was always a loving, friendly, helpful, and hard-working person.

“He was one of the greatest people I knew,” he said. “I believe he was taken away too soon from us, making one less of a true human being in this rotting world.”

The suspect in a recent mass shooting in Darwin, 45 year old Ben Hoffmann, remains in police custody.

Police officials were able to arrest the gunman, Ben Hoffmann, an hour after the mass shooting last Tuesday. The suspect is currently under police custody.

According to witnesses, the suspect was knocking from door to door looking for a guy named “Alex”. Then, at around 5:30pm and 5:52pm, the suspect started firing his pump action shotgun in Finnis Street. The suspect also fired at Gardens Hill Crescent, the Buffalo Club, and Jolly Street.

Mr. Hoffman allegedly tried to enter the Peter McCauley Centre police station to possibly hand himself in. He then phoned a duty superintendent who did a “magnificent job in negotiating with him” before the arrest.

According to police, the suspect was on parole in January after serving at least a year.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has spoken out about the incident, saying that it was a “terrible act of violence”.

“I just want to extend my deep condolences and sympathies to all the people in the Territory and particularly in Darwin,” Mr. Morrison said.

“This is a very tight community and I know they will be rocked by these events,” NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner said. “This was not the Darwin we know.”

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