Singapore — Normally, when something goes wrong, the first instinct would be to ask for help. Especially if the problem involves a complex and advanced equipment, asking for tech assistance is always the way to go – at least that’s what we thought.

You see, sometimes modern problems doesn’t necessarily require modern solutions. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of initiative and common sense.

And that’s exactly what a local taxi driver did when an electronic parking barrier malfunctioned and blocked his way.

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In a Facebook video posted last Friday Afternoon by user Alforonso Sontoroyo, the driver was unable to exit the carpark at Jurong East Street 32 as the barrier arm was faulty and could not be lifted. Hence, the driver took matters in his own hands and physically dismantled the barrier by carefully yanking it.

Power lah u uncle… Fierce siol… Hahaha*Updated* : What he did was the the protocol instructed by the customer service due to machine faulty.

Posted by Alforonso Sontoroyo on Thursday, June 6, 2019
Facebook video of a taxi driver removing a malfunctioned electric car park barrier.

The driver then puts the barrier arm aside and heads back to his vehicle before driving off.

Witnesses were awestruck by the driver’s actions as one person says “Power lah”. While some speculated that the driver was trying to avoid paying the parking fee.

The video uploader pointed out that there were no violations. “*Updated*: What he did was the protocol instructed by the customer service due to machine faulty,” the caption read.

Reports say that the barrier arm is, in fact, detachable for such scenarios. Thus, according to HDB, no action can be taken against the driver.

Furthermore, according to HBD, this is not the first incident of such case.

A video of a driver removing a carpark barrier in Jurong West Street 81 was also posted last year.

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