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New York, USA — A Brooklyn taxi driver has gone viral for helping a woman give birth to her child in the back seat of his cab.

The video showed Luis Leonard coaching and encouraging the couple as the lady went through childbirth. The woman lying down with her legs up and her hand in place ready to catch their newborn.

“Oh no! She’s coming,” the soon-to-be mother can be heard in the video. “She’s coming out!”

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The taxi driver remained calm and collected as immediately begins directing the woman.

“Alright, you gotta breathe Mummy,” the driver said.

“Her head is in my hands!” the woman exclaimed.

“Just spread your legs and do the magic, spread your legs, damn,” the driver replied calmly.

After a few seconds, the baby was born. The couple seemed speechless at the backseat while Luis kept his composure.

After noticing that the baby is born en caul, the driver starts instructing the couple what to do. “Take the bag off the face. Boom! We Gucci,” he says. “Don’t get the s*** messy, God bless the baby!”

Finally, they arrived at the hospital safely. “You’re going to have to hook me up with a little extra for the car wash man,” Luis says.

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