Police search for Uber driver as ‘person of interest’ in woman’s murder

Sheridan Police Department search for Uber driver Abbas Abdal Kathem Abed as person of interest in connection to a woman's homicide case.

Denver, CO — Authorities are searching for an Uber driver as a person of interest after a woman was found dead inside a hotel room.

According to reports, 31-years-old Chelsea Anne Snider was found dead by Sheridan police inside a room at the In Town Suites. Investigators arrived at the Sheridan stay-extended hotel around 8:15 a.m. Monday.


Furthermore, officers ruled Ms. Snider’s manner of death as a homicide. However, authorities will not reveal how she was killed.

Moreover, the 44-year-old Uber driver Abbas Abdal Kathem may still be driving in the Denver metro area. He drives a 2011 silver Dodge Grand Caravan with the license plate VOR-925.

Authorities also described Abbas as Middle Eastern with brown eyes and hair with some balding. He is 160 pounds with a thin build.

If anyone has information about Abbas, you may contact the Sheridan PD at 303-762-2211.

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