Uber driver Abdirizak Adbullahi Aden has been indicted for allegedly raping a customer

Colombus, Ohio — Officers are searching for an Uber driver charged with raping a female passenger.

The rape case was charged last Friday at the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office in Columbus. Investigators reveal that the 28-year-old Abdirizak Abdullahi Aden allegedly sexually harassed a 24-year-old woman.

Moreover, Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said that the driver picked-up the woman for a fare. However, instead of driving to the passenger’s destination, Mr. Aden allegedly drove to a “random” location at her apartment complex. He then proceeded to rape the passenger in the back seat of his vehicle.

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“This man knew she was alone and vulnerable,” the prosecutor said.

Fortunately, a female Uber driver saw the suspect after dropping off a passenger near the apartment. She then explained that Mr. Aden pulled the victim from his car and drove off.

Uber spokesperson Navideh Forghani released a statement regarding the incident.

“What’s been alleged is despicable conduct and something no one should ever go through,” Mr. Forghani said. “We stand ready to work with law enforcement to support their investigation. The suspect no longer has access to the Uber app.”

Moreover, Mr. Aden shall appear in court in downtown Columbus once he is located and arrested.

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