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Man who posed as Uber driver guilty for multiple rape charges
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Man who posed as Uber driver guilty for multiple rape charges

Seattle, USA — A rape victim revealed how she considered killing herself countless times after being raped by her Uber driver last April.

According to her, 34-year-old Isreal Ramos Islas picked her up outside a Ballard bar as her ‘Uber driver’. However, during the ride, the driver started to attack the woman and drove her home where he raped her. Her doorbell camera captured footage of Ramos Islas handing the woman her phone and keys, 

When the victim woke up the next morning, she found the torn clothing she had worn the night before. She went to the hospital for a sexual-assault exam.

“I felt dirty and violated as a nurse took samples from my body,” she said. “I was filled with daily worry we wouldn’t catch this man and he’d be out there hurting other women.”

She claims that she experienced crippling fear in the aftermath of her attack. Furthermore, medical records show that the victim has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

When the footage of the victim’s doorbell camera was made public, the suspect and his wife allegedly showed up at the victim’s apartment to confront her. She hid in her bedroom and contacted the police while her roommates dealt with the couple. Mr. Islas was arrested in Kent the next day.

Israel Ramos Islas, a 34-year-old Tukwila man who posed as an Uber driver, was sentenced to 11 1/3 years in prison Friday on two counts of second-degree… (Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times) 

“You are done hurting other women … You are a deceitful predator and you will prey no more.”

Furthermore, another woman came forward and claimed that the same driver raped her 2 years before the footage surfaced online.

According to her, she didn’t think she’d ever see justice in her case. But after the footage from the December rape was made public, she called the police and said she recognized her rapist’s “syrupy voice.”

The 2017 rape victim allegedly drank several glasses of wine before getting an Uber to take her to her apartment in Seattle’s Central District. However, upon arriving, the driver followed her inside and attacked her.

When she initially took a sexual-assault exam, male DNA swabbed from her body did not find a match in the Combined DNA Index System. However, when her rape kit was retested in April following the 2018 rape, the male DNA was matched to Ramos Islas.

“I did not consent. I did not consent,” the woman said in court Friday. “Nothing made me more desperate to die than that rape.”

King County Superior Court Judge John Ruhl sentenced Mr. Islas to 11 years in prison last Friday, the high end of the standard sentencing range. Judge Ruhl also thanked the women for speaking out in court and commended their courage in coming forward.

Meanwhile, Mr. Islas apologized for the damage he caused the victims. He also said God had forgiven him and that he planned to use his prison time to become a better man.

Judge Ruhl ordered the suspect to register as a sex offender for life once he gets out of jail. Saying Ramos Islas “posed a menace to the community,” the judge also said Mr. Islas would remain on community supervision for life.

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