Iowa man claims to be an Uber driver arrested on sexual assault charge

Iowa, USA — Police arrested 33-year old Nirmal Chhetri after posing as an off-duty Uber driver and sexually harassing two women.

According to reports, the victims were trying to find a safe ride home after their phone batteries drained out of power. The suspect was driving his Honda vehicle and introduced himself as an ‘off-duty Uber driver’.

Furthermore, the incident happened early Sunday from downtown Des Moines.

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The women admit that they may have had one too many drinks when they accepted Chhetri’s offer. However, it turned out that he was taking them somewhere else instead. The suspect drove them towards Chhetri’s Pleasant Hill home in the 400 blocks of NE 60th Street.

Being heavily intoxicated, the women agreed to stay at Chhetri’s home to get rest. They each got their separate bedrooms. However, that is when one of the victims said she could hear Chhetri forcing himself on her friend. Hence, she unlocked the door using her fingernail only to find the fake Uber driver buttoning up his pants with the other woman`s shorts undone.

The victims managed to escape from the suspect. They ran all the way down the street to the nearest Kum & Go gas station where they reported the alleged sexual assault.

Police officials arrested the suspect at his home later Sunday evening and charged him with third-degree sexual assault.

“We have Uber and Lyft all over the place now. We’ve become a little bit immune as any vehicle can be that ride,” said Pleasant Hill Captain Amy Kramer. “Make sure you’ve actually ordered those rides to take you home.”

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