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Dublin taxi driver praised for helping a mugging victim
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Dublin taxi driver praised for helping a mugging victim

Dublin, IE — A kind-hearted taxi driver was hailed a hero after assisting a woman who had her phone and wallet stolen.

According to reports, three men attacked the victim in the early hours of Sunday. Furthermore, the incident allegedly took place near The Workman’s Club on Wellington Quay.

The suspects punched the woman in the eye when she tried to grab her purse back from them. However, they fled and left her with only €10.

The woman used her remaining money to take a taxi to her sister’s house in Drumcondra. But she was not home.

Luckily, the selfless taxi driver came along and helped her in times of great need.

Her other sister explained: “She managed to hail a taxi in Drumcondra and explained to the driver what had happened.

He brought her to a guard, to a shop to buy her water and tissues and then brought her out to us in Bray all free of charge.”

The victim’s family expressed their gratitude to the cabbie through a social media post. Many online users praised the generous driver for helping the distraught woman.

“Thank God your sister is okay and what a wonderful, kind man the taxi driver was. I hope you find him,” said one comment.

As of now, the taxi driver remains to be identified.

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