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Top 3 Heartwarming Taxi Driver Stories
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Top 3 Heartwarming Taxi Driver Stories

Taxi drivers mostly work all on their own all day – listening to the stereo music while driving around town hoping for someone to hail them down. But even when they finally have someone on the car with them, there’s still a few more things to consider before a friendly conversation can commence. After all, some people prefer a peaceful and quiet ride on their way to their destination.

It’s a tough world out there for cab drivers. But when they see an opportunity to strike up a conversation, they will not hesitate to speak their hearts out. Whether it’s a creepy experience or just a normal talk about their vacation, they will share anything they want to share. As a result, some people hop off the cab with a crazy cab story to share with their friends – or even to the whole world.

And those type of stories is exactly what we’re going to talk about in today’s blog.

So, without further ado, here are five amazingly heartwarming taxi driver stories that will restore your faith in humanity. Enjoy!

1. Honest Cab Driver Returns Bag With $187,000

Let’s start off with a quite common (yet equally amazing) taxi driver story: returning a cash bag.

(7/5/2016 Boston, MA) Raymond “Buzzy” MacCausland, 72, an Independant Taxi Operator’s Association driver found over $187,000 in his cab and turned it in to police. July 5, 2016. staff photo by Matt West.

This happened on July of 2016. A 72-year-old cab driver from Boston named Raymond MacCausland picked up a passenger with a cast on one leg. The passenger told MacCausland that he was a homeless man and have been living in the shelter for six months.

At one point, MacCausland’s passenger got out of the cab to meet a friend inside a hotel with the intention to return. In fact, he even left his bag in the backseat. But nearly half an hour has passed and there was still no sign of the passenger. MacCausland decided to go inside the hotel and check for the passenger with the help of the hotel staff. However, they were unable to locate him. With no other choice left, MacCausland rummaged through the man’s bag hoping to find some sort of identification. But he was greeted instead with three bundles of $50 and $100 dollar bills. Immediately, he drove to the police headquarters to turn in the cash. Later on, the police found out that the bundle was inheritance money that the homeless man had just cashed in.

The money was returned to the unnamed man after police determined he was the rightful owner. Apparently, this wasn’t the first time MacCausland found a large sum of money in his taxi, but it is the first time he got rewarded for returning it. The owner gave $100 dollars for his good deed, but many people feel like he deserved more. There is now an active GoFundMe campaign to raise $5000 for this man’s honest efforts.

If you have a few extra cash to spare, maybe send this great guy some love.

2. Heroic Taxi Driver To The Rescue!

Not all heroes wear capes – sometimes, they drive taxicabs.

Brisbane’s “hero cabbie” Aguek Nyok at the bus stop where he kicked in the door of a burning bus to save the lives of 11 people trapped inside. Photo: Mark Bowling

It was a typical Sunday morning in October of 2016 in Brisbane, Australia. It was until Anthony O’Donohue allegedly boarded bus S-1980 and threw an “incendiary device” at Manmeet Alisher, the bus driver. The vehicle immediately caught fire which burned Manmeet alive and trapped the 11 passengers inside the flaming bus.

This was when Aguek Nyok, a Sudan refugee and cab driver appears on the scene. He was apparently just going to get his hair trimmed when he saw the people inside the bus waving and asking for help. Everyone was fleeing away from the scene and going in the opposite direction, but not Aguek. He ran towards the smoking bus and to the jammed door where the passengers were desperately trying to open. Tall and powerful, Aguek used the karate kicks he learned in after-work karate lessons against the jammed rear bus doors, freeing the passengers.

But perhaps the most heartbreaking part of the story is how the brave savior and the tragic victim are closely connected to each other. Aguek knew Manmeet and referred to him as a “brother”. However, he failed to save his life. And for the next few months, he carried the burden of that failure on his shoulders and mourned for his loss.

After the incident, his story and bravery went viral and earned him several awards including the Taxi Hero Award by The Queensland Taxi Council. His story and courageousness shall serve as an inspiration to us all.

3. Free Rides For Charlottesville 

This selfless taxi driver dedicated his taxi company in keeping Charlottesville residents moving for more than 40 years.

Melvin Carter Sr., former CEO of Carter’s Taxi offering free rides to Charlottesville residents.

Melvin D. Carter Sr. was a great and thoughtful guy who went through many professional and academic achievements. Due to his success, he managed to become the owner and president of Veterans Cab Company and would later start his own company — Carter’s Taxi Inc., which he ran for more than 4 decades. But despite his luxurious character profile, he remained down-to-earth and would always give back to his community.

In fact, he founded Carter’s Taxi for one main reason: to provide accessible transportation to the people of Charlottesville. Melvin’s extensive knowledge of the streets, roads, and byways earned him the trust of the locals. He also knew where people lived, their phone numbers and where they went to church.

Mr. Carter tirelessly drove anyone wherever they needed to go, regardless of distance or whether they could pay immediately. He would always give them the best service as possible and was always ready to help. He would even give his passengers some advice, allowing them to pay their fees later or encouraging them to become independent and self-employed.

Although Mr. Carter recently passed away last April, his legacy and kindness lives on in the many lives he touched and helped. He remains an inspiration to many people in Charlottesville.

Taxi drivers meet all kinds of people every day – from sober ones to the wild ones, you name it. Hence, it’s not surprising why they get to know many stories and contribute to other’s lives. So, why don’t you come and give taxis a chance on your next trip? Who knows? Maybe you will get to witness the next viral taxi story!

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