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Women are ‘disappointed’ with Lyft after sexual harassment incident
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Women are ‘disappointed’ with Lyft after sexual harassment incident

Women’s rights activists are pushing back against Lyft after the company fails to handle a sexual harassment incident, reports say.

The uproar seems to stem from a new report published by the Washington Post. The article bashed the ride-hailing company for the inappropriate behavior of its drivers towards female passengers. Likewise, they also mentioned the difficulties passengers face when trying to report harassment.

Lyft’s critics claim that this is due to the app’s design. They say that the structure of the app makes it difficult and confusing to report harassment or danger caused by a driver.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence entertained sexual harassment reports and not by actual customer support representatives.

Lyft spokeswoman Lauren Alexander admits that there were flaws in their app in terms of sexual harassment reports. However, she claimed that the app was “always exploring ways to improve” the customer experience.

“Lyft constantly says that safety is its number one priority, but I think in reality image is its top priority,” says Stanford University student Allison Tielking. “I think all these reports are treated more as inconveniences where the news needs to get brushed under the rug.”

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