UberEats driver

Florida, USA — 35-years old UberEATS driver Heidi Schmutz filed a kidnapping report which turned out to be false, according to authorities.

The delivery woman told deputies a man kidnapped her and touched her in inappropriate places. The man even allegedly tried to force her into a hotel room with two other men.

Furthermore, Ms. Schmutz accused Brian Medina, 31, of New Port Richey as the suspect.

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Authorities then reviewed a CCTV footage of the hotel where the incident reportedly took place. However, they found out that the woman does not seem to be in “any kind of danger or duress”.

When police confronted her of the inconsistencies, she admitted Mr. Medina had never forced her to drive. Rather, she had agreed to give him a ride for cash.

“When the man didn’t have the money to pay her, deputies say she reported false allegations and exaggerated what happened to make them sound more believable,” a report stated.

Ms. Schmutz was arrested and will be charged with filing a false report.

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