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Uber driver steals passenger’s purse, demands for nude pictures in exchange
Bad uber driver

Uber driver steals passenger’s purse, demands for nude pictures in exchange

South Carolina, USA — A 25-year-old Uber driver was charged with larceny and blackmail after stealing from an Aiken woman and demanded sexual favors in exchange for her property.

According to reports, the incident took place around 2:30 a.m. Saturday. Furthermore, the 23-year-old lady called Uber for a ride home from Broad Street in Augusta.

After exiting the vehicle, the woman later realized she forgot her purse. So, she contacted Uber and was given Bautista’s phone number.

She then sent Bautista a message about her purse. However, Bautista asked her to send a picture of her breast and perform sexual favors for him. After she refused, he said he would burn the purse, the report stated.

“I was scared and felt victimized since this man had the keys to my apartment and knew where I lived,” she said.

Police disclosed the screenshots taken from the pair’s conversations. He wrote, “Do you want your purse or not. It’s just one pic and you get your purse and key.” Later, he told her to meet him to pick it up, alone.

Eventually, after unsuccessfully going back and forth with Bautista, she got deputies involved.

Aiken County Sheriff’s Office deputies tracked down Bautista after getting his vehicle information.

Meanwhile, the woman said although she still doesn’t have her purse, she’s glad she didn’t ride alone or meet any of his demands. 

“I’m just frightened, and truly am glad that I didn’t Uber alone. Especially because I almost did. There is no telling what could have happened if I was alone or did decide to meet him for my purse,” the victim said.

Moreover, Uber said it has removed Bautista’s access to the app and is investigating.

“What has been reported by the rider is alarming and will not be tolerated,” the company’s statement reads.

Bautista appeared in Aiken County’s bond court Monday morning. The court granted him a $12,125 total bond on those charges. Furthermore, he is scheduled to return to court in April.

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