Uber driver arrested over rape allegations

California, USA — An Uber driver is facing allegations of raping an intoxicated woman last January 13, 2020.

According to reports, the woman told authorities that she was drinking out with friends. She then requested an Uber ride to her home in Fontana.

During the ride, the woman allegedly fell asleep or passed out in the driver’s car. When she woke up, she found the driver having sex with her.

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However, the Uber driver claims that he had consensual sex with the passenger.

During the act, Mr. Calle says, the lady suddenly said something about a previous sexual assault incident before demanding to exit his car.

The driver then voluntarily called the police to inform them that a passenger may claim that she had been raped even though she offered him sex in the first place.

Nevertheless, investigators arrested the driver on suspicion of rape. He is at police custody in the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga.

Uber has since banned Mr. Calle from the ridesharing app following his arrest.

“What the rider reported to police is extremely disturbing and has no place in our community,” an Uber spokesperson wrote. The company added that they will be cooperating with the police in the ongoing investigation.

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