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Uber driver admits stalking then raping a woman in his car (Melbourne, AU)
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Uber driver admits stalking then raping a woman in his car (Melbourne, AU)

Melbourne, AU – Uber driver admits on raping a drunk woman he followed as she was walking home.

The 28-year-old driver, Manpreet Singh, was also using a friend’s Uber account without the owner’s consent. And whilst using it, he saw an intoxicated woman walking in the rain carrying her shoes in her hand.

Furthermore, he bundled the lady into his car and drove more than 20 kilometers to an apartment he shared with five other Indian nationals. Mr. Singh then proceeded to take advantage of the drunk woman by raping her in his bedroom.

Melbourne’s County Court heard on Wednesday that the attack happened in late 2018. Moreover, the woman, who is working as a nurse, was walking home from a work Christmas party.

A CCTV footage showed her walking along Church Street about 1:57 am. Later on, she stopped in the alcove of a building to vomit as Singh drove past. Mr. Singh stopped his vehicle walked over to the victim. The intoxicated lady refused his advances and walked away in the opposite direction.

Mr. Singh then hurriedly hopped back into his car to follow the lady before eventually getting her into his silver 2010 Holden Commodore sedan.

At 5 am the victim regained consciousness only to find the Uber driver on top of her. She managed to run from the house and call for police.

The victim claimed the incident made her anxious of strangers and suffer terrible nightmares. “That night I lost my belongings … but over the past eight or nine months I’ve also lost my job … my stable relationship and my home.”

“Ultimately he’s going to be deported once he serves his sentence,” Mr. Singh’s defense barrister Bradley Newton said.

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