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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Home News Taxi drivers at the US-Mexico border are struggling during the pandemic

Taxi drivers at the US-Mexico border are struggling during the pandemic

Calexico, California – The U.S. Mexico border is usually busy with travelers, street vendors, and taxi drivers.

For Miguel Hernandez a taxi driver on the border he says he makes 10-15 percent of what he used too.

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“We work because we have to work it’s necessary to work for the bills, to survive we don’t make a lot of money but what we make is to sustain the family,” said Miguel Hernandez, a Taxi driver.

Taxi driver Alejandro Lopez says that the border restrictions and the closure of Calexico businesses is what really affected their income.

“For the first three weeks the business was really slow and we were battling just to pay our rent and bills.”

For many taxi drivers, they are having to work double what they used to just to make ends meet.

“I work more hours just to compensate for the time and make a little bit more money.”

Many taxi drivers are also making sure they themselves are protected from the virus.

“If someone tries to come in the taxi without a mouth covering we don’t let them in,” Hector Jacob, Taxi Driver.

For these drivers, their financial needs are bigger than their fear of the virus.

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– Source: Gianella Ghiglino – kyma.com

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