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Strong winds knock sign off scaffolding at the Willis Tower, damaging a taxi and another vehicle

Chicago, USA — A Chicago taxi and another vehicle were damaged this morning after a sign was knocked from a scaffolding at the Willis Tower caused by strong winds.

This incident happened around 7:30 a.m. today Wednesday on the corner of Adams Street and Wacker Drive in Downtown.

The taxi was sitting in traffic when a wooden-type sign fell on top the taxi, shattering the entire windshield. The taxi driver sustained injuries to his arm and was transported to Northwestern Hospital in good condition.

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The debris also struck a second vehicle, but that driver was not hurt.

Fire officials anticipate other potential trouble today due to the very high winds.

A Severe Wind Warning is in effect for the entire Chicago area until 6 p.m. Wednesday, with wind gusts up to 50-65 mph.

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