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Couple livestreams horrific Uber ride: ‘That was the scariest moment of my life’
Bad uber driver

Couple livestreams horrific Uber ride: ‘That was the scariest moment of my life’

Richmond, VA – A Richmond couple livestreamed their ‘nightmare’ Uber ride on Facebook with their rideshare driver speeding through the streets of Richmond.

The driver allegedly picked up John Murray and Tameka Swann from their home on the city’s Northside just before 8 p.m. Monday for a night out on the town.

However, upon pulling away, they said someone rear-ended their Uber on Chamberlayne Avenue.

“Our Uber attempted to pull over so that they exchange information, but the car didn’t stop behind us,” Ms. Swann recalled. “They went around us and sped off and that’s when our Uber sped off behind him.”

Mr. Murray then began to stream their trip on Facebook Live from the backseat.

“Nobody would’ve known that would’ve happened if I didn’t get that on camera,” he explained.

The video showed the Uber driver call 911 and hand his cell phone to Ms. Swann. Moreover, the couple can be heard pleading for the driver to stop as he speeds through stoplights and stop signs.

The dispatcher is also demanding the driver to stop in the background.

“The driver won’t let us out. He’s trying to catch the guy because he hit us,” Ms. Swann told the dispatcher.

The Uber driver then pulls onto West Broad Street and races through several more red lights.

The couple said an SUV then crashes into the side of their car at West Broad Street and Arthur Ashe Boulevard. Still, the driver continued his pursuit where he narrowly missed a bicyclist.

“I feel like he had tunnel vision. I feel like he didn’t focus on anything else,” Ms. Swann stated.

The driver eventually stopped at West Marshall Street and Hermitage Road where they met an officer.

“Richmond Police detectives are investigating a hit and run incident that happened around 8:15 p.m. last night near Arthur Ashe Boulevard and West Broad Street,” a Richmond Police spokesperson said. “We ask that anyone with information about the incident to call Hit and Run Detective G. Drago at 804-646-1369.”

Moreover, the couple says they suffered minor bruises and were checked out at the hospital.

“This driver’s behavior is concerning, and we have removed his access to the app pending investigation,” said an Uber spokeswoman.

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