Veteran cabbie Mohammad Zafrullah, 65, of Brooklyn, died of his injuries on Monday after being struck by his own cab while in pursuit of a thief who stole his bag

New York, USA — 65-year old cabbie Mohammad Zafrullah was robbed by a customer on Seward Avenue on a Sunday night, according to police.

Mr. Zafrullah allegedly dropped-off the rider at around 11.45pm between Seward and Rosedale Avenues. As he was pulling away, the rider went over the passenger side of the car, reached into the open window, and snatched the driver’s bag.

The customer attempted to escape the scene and the driver started to pursue him. However, Mr. Zafrullah forgot to put his car on full break and instead left it in ‘reverse’. Hence, the taxi knocked him down and rolled over him before hitting a parked car ahead.

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Medical responders rushed the Bronx cabbie to the hospital, but later died from his injuries.

Investigators have asked around the neighborhood hoping to get someone who saw what happened.

Police officials announced on Tuesday that the incident was caught on video. However, it was not publicized. A video of the suspect was released instead. Moreover, the man on the video was yet to be identified.

Mr. Zafrullah apparently was a Bangladesh national who came to US in hopes of a better life for his family. He applied as a cabbie in New York and worked at least 12 hours a day, six, and sometimes seven, days a week.

The New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers offered a reward to anyone who could lead investigators to the suspect. “The driver lost his life for no good reason,” they said in a statement.

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