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Leeds taxi drivers stage protest outside Elland Road Police Station over...

Leeds, England -- Taxi drivers from across Leeds held a protest earlier outside Elland Road Police Station. Demonstrators allege police are 'failing...

4 Things All Cabbies Should Learn From Japanese Taxi Drivers

Japanese people are known for being well-mannered, kind, and humble. Although faced with many flaws, as all nations do, Japan is definitely...

Goa taxi drivers in protest against app-based service GoaMiles

Goa, India -- Thousands of taxi drivers went on a massive protest against an app-based cab aggregator called GoaMiles.

One killed, 16 injured after two cabs crashed with each other

Heidelberg, Germany -- A collision between two cabs happened on the R549 in Ratanda earlier this Thursday, with 17 casualties.

NYC Mayor orders probe into taxi medallion brokers following predatory loan...

New York City, USA -- The suicide rate among New York cab drivers skyrocketed in the past few years as they struggle...

10 Worst Cities Around the World to Hail a Taxi

The reputation of the taxi industry differs from one city to another. Some places might be infested with bad drivers, while others...

10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Taxis

Whether you're a businessman, a student, or just a regular bystander, we've all seen and used a taxi. They are the ones...

How To Avoid Taxi Scams While Travelling

The thrill of getting exposed to a new environment, culture, and community are a few reasons why people love traveling. However, these...