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Yellow Cab driver killed in horrifying crash by drunk driver

Vancouver, CANADA -- Yellow Cab driver Sanehpal Singh Randhawa was involved in a horrifying car crash early Sunday morning, which took his...

Passenger killed in taxi crash (Chicago, IL)

Chicago, IL -- A collision between a Flash Cab taxi and a Mustang ended tragically after it claimed the life of 33-year-old...

Taxi crashes into a Bank of America (Chicago, USA)

Chicago, IL -- The Chicago Police Department (CPD) are now searching for a private-car driver after allegedly pushing a taxi into a...

Taxi driver killed while transporting kids to school in N2 collision

Johannesburg, South Africa -- A minibus taxi driver transporting pupils of various ages collided with a truck in Kwa-Zulu Natal on Tuesday...

One killed, 16 injured after two cabs crashed with each other

Heidelberg, Germany -- A collision between two cabs happened on the R549 in Ratanda earlier this Thursday, with 17 casualties.