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Loud honking noises, busy road, and heavy traffic. Those are the usual scenarios that drivers witness over the Anlaby Road flyover. However, one one particular busy evening, something truly frightening made everyone's heart stop.
Seeing a lady walking in the rain late at night while covered in so much blood looks something straight out of a horror film. And perhaps for that reason, most of us would drive past her out...
Yorkshire, England -- A local fisherman had fallen into the River Aire near Leeds Bridge around 9:40am this morning. Fortunately for him, the Leeds Water Taxi staff spotted him and immediately went to help.
How to become a uber driver

15 facts Uber doesn’t want you to know

Uber and controversy seem to go hand in hand. Here are just some of the things the company doesn't want you to...
Cab industry

New York City’s iconic Yellow Cab is facing an uncertain future due to the...

New York City, NY - Every cent matters to Kim Jaemin, a cab driver in virus-ravaged New York City, whose diet has...
Navigating a nervous livelihood when passengers are trapped at home

Navigating a nervous livelihood when passengers are trapped at home

Cruising the empty streets is all but hopeless. Who hails a yellow cab in the middle of a deadly pandemic?
How to Prevent Robbery and Violence

How to Prevent Robbery and Violence

Driving a taxi can be a hazardous job because taxi drivers experience assault, robbery, and other forms of violence every day. Violence is...
Taxi industry news

Taxi Drivers: Years of Living Dangerously

Fifteen years after taxi drivers began lobbying for protections against the alarming assaults and murders plaguing cabbies across the country, the federal...