axi driver goes viral for confronting officers about manners

Nowadays, it’s not rare to spark an argument with a taxi driver even over the simplest things. Most of the time, it’s a dispute about fare or misunderstanding about the destination of the passenger. Other times, it’s road rage that gets the best out of their built-up temper after a long day of work. Although in some way, we understand their grumpy mood – constantly facing traffic is no easy task. But it seems that every time there is a conflict involving a taxi driver, the cabbie is always assumed as “the bad guy”. And we can’t blame society for holding these stereotypes!

However, this taxi driver disproved the negative stigma after standing up for himself and taught the SAPS officers a thing or two about manners!


The video which showed the encounter went viral after it was posted by enowned comedian, Loyiso Gola, on Twitter.

In it, a male cop can be heard asking the taxi driver, “are you refusing to give me your license now?”

The driver responded: “Rectify your mistake for calling me an asshole. You have to apologize to me for calling me an asshole”.

Irritated that the driver refuses to cooperate, the male officer walked away. Meanwhile, the cop’s female partner tried to settle the confrontation between the two gentlemen.

Listening closer to the passenger behind the camera, it seems that the male SAPS officer had refused to properly greet the driver. Instead, he yelled at him, called him an asshole and demanded that he take out his driver’s license.

Furthermore, the taxi driver clarified that he was more than willing to cooperate with the officers. However, the way the cop approached him was not okay.

He (the male officer) is doing his job,” the passenger explained. “As law enforcement, you are allowed to do your job but you cannot get to people, before you even greet them, and call them assholes.”

The tweet has since garnered over three thousand likes and a thousand retweets.

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