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    Driving a taxi can be a hazardous job because taxi drivers experience assault, robbery, and other forms of violence every day. Violence is often a leading cause of taxi driver deaths, along with motor vehicle crashes.

    How to Prevent Robbery and Violence

    KeepTaxisAlive.Org recommends the following strategies for taxi drivers to prevent or reduce the likelihood of violence during a shift. You can reduce that risk and here’s how:


    Greater visibility into your taxi can help reduce risk of violence.

    • Keep the taxi in well-lit, highly visible areas when waiting on fares and not moving.
    • Do not tint windows enough so people cannot see inside the cab.
    • Keep windows clean and free from unneeded signs or postings.

    Dealing with Cash

    The less cash you have in your taxi, the less likely you are to be robbed.

    • Minimize cash on hand by making bank deposits as often as possible.
    • Where feasible, use cashless systems to limit the amount of cash on hand.
    • Post clear and visible decals stating drivers have limited cash on hand on the passenger doors or windows.

    Operating the Taxi

    Ask your cab company to equip your taxi with safety measures. For example;

    • Install and maintain security cameras and post decals showing the taxi has cameras on the passenger windows or doors.
    • Install and use a silent alarm or bullet-resistant barriers.
    • Use personal and vehicle tracking devices, such as global positioning systems (GPS), so you can be located if you need help.
    • Check in regularly with a dispatcher or another driver, and practice emergency communication systems with dispatchers or other drivers.

    Dealing with Customers

    While some customers might be aggressive or use provocative language, it’s best to not engage if possible. Ask your cab company to provide safety training on how to recognize, avoid, or calm potentially violent situations.

    Some simple tips to follow:

    • Do not chase after fare evaders.
    • Do not resist a robbery. Let robbers take your money.
    • Do not accept passengers who cannot provide a destination.
    • Notify a dispatcher or another driver immediately:
      • 1) when picking up a passenger;
      • 2) if passengers change destinations once they’re in the taxi; or
      • 3) if driving to certain areas feels potentially unsafe.


    The taxi driving profession unfortunately sees a high rate of workplace violence. Please  follow the safety tips above and stay safe.

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