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    A cab company that I still work for (so I cannot tell you which one) is running its cabs into the ground and cars are constantly breaking on me. Yes even when a customer has been in the cab It tore the serpentine belt that was caught on something causing the entire car to overheat. The brakes are shot in 2 of the other cars and the van I normally drive has a broken meter so I have to use an app.

    They refuse to get an uber clone or an app of some kind to keep us a step ahead when our main rivals have one that works well.

    Luckily you only need a drivers license to operate a cab that doesn’t go to the taxi line at the airport. So I’m legal. I’m not sure if their bills are caught up or not, but I’d hope they would stay on top of that.

    So that being said what would you guys do?

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    There are companies in every city that don’t care about their drivers. They don’t care about the condition of the car they give to the driver. Unfortunately, there is no way out of this, there will always be someone who wants to make easy money.

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    If a company doesn’t respect its drivers and isn’t interested in the conditions in which you work, then just leave them. For work, you need a license, I hope you can find a better company than this.

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