Family of murdered Pretoria cabbie seeks for justice
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Family of murdered Pretoria cabbie seeks for justice

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Pretoria, South AfricaNews broke out that Pretoria cabbie Jabulani Baloyi was killed while trying to chase drug lords from the inner city. Now, the victim’s family calls for justice.

According to accounts, the 45-year-old taxi driver participated in the city-wide protest. He, together with fellow taxi drivers, blocked off roadways and confronted drug dealers.

However, a drug addict allegedly shot the Pretoria cabbie and Baloyi died on the scene. Rumors have it that police were present during the altercation.

“There are allegations that the police were there when one of the drivers was shot dead,” Gauteng Taxi Association chairperson Abner Tsebe said. “Instead of arresting the perpetrator, the police rescued the perpetrator. He shot a driver in front of the police.”

Baloyi’s brother Junior Nkathane described him as an honest, family-orientated man. “He was a kind-spirited person who likes to joke,” Junior said. “He was the pillar of the family. Everyone relied on him when they have problems.”

Baloyi’s sister, Hlamalani Baloyi-Jele, says the whole community mourns for her brother’s passing. However, her family has not received any communication from the police about the investigation.

“We only know that the case of murder has been opened by the Central Police Station,” she says.

Moreover, Baloyi is leaving behind his wife and three daughters.

Meanwhile, Tshwane remains at tense after riots broke out over Baloyi’s death. Police used tear gas and fired rubber bullets at angry and disappointed protesters.

Police commissioner Elias Mawela states that the police already met with the taxi association to raise its concerns.

“From the police side, we have made a commitment to clean up that area,” Lt. Mawela said. “The police’s sole responsibility is to deal with those who sell drugs.”

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