Facemasks now mandatory when hailing a taxi in Tijuana
KTA News - Facemasks now mandatory when hailing a taxi in Tijuana

Facemasks now mandatory when hailing a taxi in Tijuana

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Tijuana, Mexico – Anyone not wearing a facemask will not be allowed to ride most taxis within Tijuana city limits.

Cab drivers have been urging people to follow health protocols but up until now companies had not insisted passengers wear a face covering for fear of losing revenue.

“We’ll continue to carry on, we won’t lower our guard, we keep sanitizing our cars, all drivers wear facemasks, they carry gel and follow all protocols. Now we can push riders to wear facemasks,” said Ángel Nevares Campos, a representative for one of the cab companies. “If they’re not using a facemask we won’t let them on.”

Officially, people have to wear face coverings in public including on public transportation, but many have been ignoring the mandate.

“There are a lot of people who get upset when we question them as they get on — people who still deny covid is real — unfortunately, it’s a reality that we’ve had to live with,” said Nevares Campos.

Since the pandemic began, taxi drivers have taken it upon to enforce the rules, now they have support from their supervisors to refuse service to anyone not wearing a mask.

“Our group of drivers has been hit hard, we’ve lost 12 people and that’s why we’ve been constantly sanitizing after every trip.” said Nevares Campos.

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