200 jailed taxi drivers were released with 15 days food ration for their families
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200 jailed taxi drivers were released with 15 days food ration for their families

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Rawalpindi, Pakistan – The Regional Police (RPO) Rawalpindi Sohail Habib Tadjik and the City Police (CPO) Rawalpindi DIG Muhammad Ahsan Younis not only released 200 rickshaws and taxi drivers, but also created a precedent for good and for the well-being of families of taxi drivers who were given 15 days worth of food.

Under the leadership of RPO Rawalpindi Sohail Habib Tajik and CPO Rawalpindi DIG Muhammad Ahsan Younis, up to 200 rickshaws and taxi drivers were released from police custody for violation of Article 144 and their confiscated vehicles were delivered with shopping bags to support their families.

The Rawalpindi Police and the Rawalpindi Traffic Police set an excellent precedent for the poorest sections of the population and, in a common goodwill gesture, not only released 200 confiscated vehicles that were confiscated due to section 144 violations They also dealt with families of drivers with rations.

The rickshaw and taxi drivers in Rawalpindi were equipped with rationing elements that take into account the prevailing blockade scenario in the city and the possible difficulties for families of rickshaws and taxi drivers going to partner cities.

Meanwhile, with the support of the Rawalpindi police, the traffic police provided drivers with a face mask, hand sanitizer and a 15-day ration, and asked them to stay home amid the prevailing coronavirus barrier.

Rawalpindi police also announced that people in need could go to police stations in their respective areas to collect food for the needs of their families.

Muhammad Ahsan Younis, OPC Rawalpindi, said that the police played a leading role in the war against Covid-19 and pledged to use all available resources to help deserved families.

Meanwhile, senior police officers have also invited wealthy and public people in the city to work with the police to get help from well-deserved families.

CPO Rawalpindi Muhammad Ahsan Younis said that while the police are committed and aware of their responsibility to protect the lives and property of citizens, they are also determined to help deserved families and people in need on stage. prevailing blockade in the country.

He said that deserved families could visit police stations in their regions if they wanted to find a ration to meet the needs of their families.

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– Source: thenews_intl – www.thenews.com.pk

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